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Priligy Is Not Yet Approved for Marketing in the US

Priligy has been approved for marketing and distribution by health authorities for treatment of premature ejaculation in 15 countries in Europe and Asia including Finland, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Singapore and Spain. United Kingdom has recently joined the list.

However, the United States Food and Drug Administration have not yet approved Priligy for the treatment of the condition. Johnson & Johnson submitted a new drug application in 2003, and after a couple of years, the request was not granted. Johnson & Johnson are discussing options with the FDA, and the pharmaceutical company has performed more comprehensive stage tests to test the safety and efficacy of the drug. Today, Priligy is on the Third Phase of the FDA approval process.

In general, Priligy is a new prescription drug that has been approved by medical authorities around the world for the specific treatment of premature and rapid ejaculation. Sexual health researchers suggest that premature ejaculation is among the most common sexual problems among men, alongside erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation is a medical condition that has not been extensively defined, but is considered to be caused by a man’s failure to control orgasm, if the ejaculation happens quickly and if the condition has adverse effects on relationships. Essentially, you need to consult a doctor, particularly those specializing in urology who can diagnose you with the condition after clinical tests.

The main drawback with prior medical treatments for premature ejaculations is that they were particularly focused on the sensory nerve endings in the sexual organ. Numerous creams and topical appliqués have been introduced to lessen the sensitivity of the nerves on the penis that results to decreased sensation, and hence extends the ejaculation time. However, desensitization may result to erectile dysfunction, which is another common problem among men.

Priligy is quite different compared to desensitizing creams, since it works inside the body. It is basically a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor or SSRI that makes it similar to specific antidepressant medications. It was initially formulated after the discovery that SSRIs may regulate the mood of men for more control. Eli Lilly, the company that initially developed Priligy, has focused on increasing the ejaculation time without compromising the need for erection. To put it simply, the enhanced serotonin level in the body is the result of inhibiting the reuptake of the neurotransmitter.

It is important to take note that Priligy is a prescription drug that you must not take without a recommendation from your doctor, particularly from a urologist. The main reason behind this is that this drug may cause adverse effects and that your doctor must make certain that you can take the drugs without compromising safety. The sheer fact that it is a prescription drug means that you must be careful in taking this medication to prevent any adverse effects.

It is only a matter of time that the US FDA will finally approve Priligy for marketing and distribution in the United States. It has gained the approval of many European countries, which means that Priligy is an effective drug to combat premature ejaculation.